2014/2015 Ohio Stingrays
Stingrays Signings:
Sam Vincent - DeSales HS – Committed and signed with Emory in GA
Kori Locke – Licking Valley HS – Committed and signed with Wheeling Jesuit

2015 Taylor Rahach - Walsh Jesuit HS - Coastal Carolina Univ.
2016 - Parker Conrad  -  Winter Park HS  -  University of Missouri


2014/2015 Coaching Staff:
9U Scott McDaniel scottmcdaniel43147@yahoo.com
10 Marc George Ohiostingrays04@gmail.com
11 Matt Pope ohiostingrays03@gmail.com
12 Craig Thompson Craig  ohiostingrays05@gmail.com
13 Tony Gunter tgunter@echo24.com
14 Mike Marcum ohiostingrays@yahoo.com
15 Bill Skerbetz blueaces14@gmail.com,
16 Chris White clwhite52@hotmail.com
17 Tim Theophilus timt@nfolink.net
18 Emily Manahan manahanemily@gmail.com
Gold Mark Tamanini flabucki81680@aol.com
The Ohio Stingrays organization was founded in 1984 by Bill Fish and Norm Chambers. After years of competing solely as an 18U Gold Team, Tim Kazmier and Tunney King expanded the organization to include elite level teams at all age groups. Tim Kazmier retired from the Stingrays in 2005 and moved to Kentucky where he had a Stingray team there for one year. Tunney King then became the director of the organization and the tournament and stayed until he retired from softball after the 2007 tournament. Duties were then split up with Mike Marcum and Pat Toler becoming co-directors for the day-to-day management of the organization and Rudy Zych being responsible for the management of the tournament. With Pat's subsequent softball retirement after the 2009 tournament, Mike became President of the Ohio Stingrays organization.

Since the organization's founding in 1984, the Ohio Stingrays have been based on the principle that doing things the right way leads to incredible results both on and off the field. The coaching staff practices high-positive coaching techniques while expecting maximum effort at all softball related activities. Academic commitment is expected of all our young athletes along with family based support for community involvement.

The Stingrays Tournament was started in 2001 at the Pickerington Central Softball Complex with Mark Tamanini being the driving force behind it after being inspired by the family-style effort he saw and experienced at a Top Guns tournament in Ashtabula the previous summer. After two successful years at Pickerington Central, which led to the need for more fields, the tournament moved to OSU's Fred Beekman Park in 2003 with Mark's son Matt, who was a student there at the time, helping with the efforts to secure the fields. Once the tournament moved to OSU, Mark and his wife Annie tied the tournament into supporting the Stefanie Spielman Fund because they wanted to use sports as a means of supporting community service to show that there are more important things in life than simply trying to win a game. For the 2010 tournament, an NFCA administered recruiting camp was added on the front end with Mike Marcum serving as the driving force behind that effort with the NFCA. As well, the tournament expanded back out to it's roots at the Pickerington Central Softball Complex for the 14U age group so that more 16U and 18U teams could be added at Fred Beekman Park. In 2011 we introduced our first 23U and in 2012 our first 9U team.

Many thanks goes out to all of those early Stingray families who worked so hard to get the tournament up and running. Led by Mark Tamanini's vision along with Tim Kazmier's and Tunney King's support, Annie Tamanini's efforts at organizing the concessions, Matt Tamanini's work with the playing brackets, Rodney Gustine's effrots at organizing the Stingray families into an effective field maintenance force, Tim Housh's work on bold colored tournament shirts and Jeff Seeds' efforts at coming up with unique awards each year, the Stingray Tournament prides itself on attention to detail backed by a family-style work effort to provide the best possible playing experience for our guest teams. As well, we are proud to support community service with our contributions to the Stefanie Spielman Fund.


President - Mike Marcum
Vice-President - Terry Morman

Showcase Tournament Director:
Rudy Zych - Ohio.Stingrays.Showcase@stingraysfastpitch.com

Assistant Tournament Director:
Bill VanAlmsick

Athletic Training Staff (Licensed):
Megan Durbin - Ohio State Sites
Jenny Brantingham - Pickerington Central
Daniel Allbaugh - Pickerington North

Real Time Web-based Updates & Information Provided By:
Obsidian Design www.obsidiandesign.com

Communication Services Provided By:
One Call Now

Photographic Services Provided By:
O'Shea Photography

Official Scorekeeper:
Kylee Marcum

College Coach Hospitality Tent Hosts:
Brad & Yolanda McDermott

Field Maintenance Manager:
Brian Mong

Tournament Shirts Manager:
Jennifer Morman

OSU Concessions Manager:
Mike Wiley

OSU Grill Master:
Jamie Shelton - Family Affair Catering

OSU Concessions Staff:
Team Wiley

Coffey Road Park Site Manager:
Cheryl Cale

Pickerington Central Site Manager:
Chelsea Black

Pickerington Central Concessions:
Pickerington Central Softball Club

Pickerington North Site Manager:
Bailee Marcum

Pickerington North Concessions:
Pickerington North Softball Club

Tournament Awards Provided By:
Capital Awards

Tryouts Director:
Mike Marcum

Fall Stingrays Family Day & Skills Clinic Director:
Didi Rothgeb

2011 Fall Stingrays Family Day & Skills Clinic



The Stingrays annual Fall Family Day & Skiils Clinic was held on October 27th at Raccoon Valley Park Granville Ohio.



The following college coaches graciously agreed to direct the skills clinics - the Stingrays thank them for their contributions:

Coach Alyssa Eppler- University of Toledo - Power Hitting

Coach Cassie Cunningham & Her Players - Ohio Wesleyan University - The Short Game and Base Running

Coach Lane Leedy - University of Toledo - Recruiting

Coach Christine Steines - Otterbein University - Infield
Coach Tarrah Beyster - University of Toledo - Pitching

The Ohio Stingrays are a 501(c)(3) organization.

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